WELCOME to my website where you get the latest dose of what's happening in Grace's World....
I am an aspiring talent agent. Yup... I love the idea of working in this crazy business as a Talent Agent!

I will hold a BFA in theatre from Chapman University this coming May. I know my stuff, and the idea of finding and developing talented people makes me smile. I like the idea of having a job that gets folks jobs! Co-workers and friends have described me as the happiest camper in the most stressful environment! I thrive under pressure with ease and grace (no pun intended). I am always willing to go the extra mile and help anyone in need along the way!
My acting background, my moments on stage, the excitement of performing will set me up for an easy transition to the Entertainment Business. I have enjoyed working in a casting office and talent agency, I know the expectations and organizational skills needed to
be successful in this difficult, fast paced and inspiring industry.